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"ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful videos that you have sent me this year. I appreciate them all . . . Thank you so much. God’s Blessings to you and your company and families that you touch." - Cheryl B. [comment about O Come, All Ye Faithful]

"Such beautiful landscape, and fitting for such a beloved song! Indeed, O, come let us adore HIM, Christ the Lord! Thank you all so very much for this blessed rendition, and may God continue to bless your hearts with His great mercy and love always, especially at this 'most wonderful time of the year'!" - Linda [comment about O Holy Night]

"I want you to know that we appreciate the weekly Gloryscapes inspirational videos." - Kent, Thailand

"Love theses! Ever so thankful that the gospel is going out on the air waves like this! :-) May God keep you going!!!! Thanks so much." - Joan

"Very powerful! I loved the thunder/lightning sounds and the earthquake. The music arrangement was gorgeous!! Thanks." - Jodi [comment about Were You There?]

"So blessed to find the song 'Ho Every One That is Thirsty.' It brought me into the Lord's presence so sweety, just as I remembered it from years ago. Thank you." - Susan

"Thank God for you and your wife. Your weekly inspirational notes are great. God Bless and Keep Always!!!!" - Richard & Irene

"Hello Russ and Janelle, Today's scripture is such a blessing in my life. I sincerely prayed yesterday quoting this verse and actually the peace of God is real in my life. Good bless you so much." - Nancy [comment about Wonderful Peace]

"Another wonderful inspirational video was enjoyed. Thank you so much for the beauty and music to enjoy. Merry Christmas now to one and all." - Audrey [comment about Silent Night]

"GloryScapes productions are excellent. They are perfect for listening while you are working around the house. If you have a home theatre system you will simply enjoy their superior quality. There is at least one production for everyone. If you like hymns like I do, you will not go wrong in getting at least one. My favorites are, "Classics & Sacreds," "Guidance" and "Quietness." - Gene, Grovetown, GA

"Just beautiful, fantastic, uplifting, not enough words to describe this video!" - Elmer [comment about The Love of God]

"What a happy video and track and imagery. Love it." - Mike, Edmonds, WA [comment about O Happy Day]

"I have never gotten use to hearing and seeing these beautiful DVD's. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something so beautiful. And, I do want to see Jesus First of all." - Linda [comment about My Savior First of All]

"That was a really fun video!" - Cindy [comment about O Happy Day]

"Serene, beautiful, brought me into the presence of Jesus. Loved it!" - Carol [comment about Jesus the Very Thought of Thee]

"Thanks for the comforting video." - Brother Jerry

"At age 55, I became unemployed. Since that day I have been on-line searching for and applying for full-time positions as well as doing odd jobs: house cleaning, house sitting, babysitting and tutoring. Busy, busy, busy...*and then*...your *unforgettable VIDEO* arrived in my e-mail today. It brought tears to my eyes, as I paused to watch "Softly and Tenderly." I listened to Jesus inviting me to come and rest in His presence. (Matthew 11:28-29) Thanks for reminding me that everything concerning my needs is in His hands! Resting in His presence, Cecilie" - Cecilie, Nampa, ID

"Twas beatiful as is all the rest of your work. Thank you so much, what a pure joy that these are out on the air waves. My Mom had lived with us 4 years and has just been put into an assisted living. While home, many times I put on your DVD's that I have. Oh the blessing they were to her and sometimes I would hear her "croaking" out the songs. Oh how I was blessed. I have you in the back of my mind whenever I need to send a special gift to someone. May God bless your business so richly. In His love, Joan"

"Beautiful! I love these. Thanks so much." - Sharon

"Honestly, every single GloryScapes program I've watched
touches my heart so deeply, tears will start streaming out of my eyes. Not because I'm sad, but because they mean so much to me . . . I go into a total state of peace when I watch GloryScapes."
- Dorothy, Piedmont, AL

"I have just listened to the 'Piano Concerto/Hiding In Thee' video and was totally mesmerized! These videos are what I have been waiting for!! I plan to order them for my church. Thank you GloryScapes!!!" - Jodi, Atlantic, IA

"I love GloryScapes. I just totally, totally enjoy them. I am ordering more to give to some friends of mine who are shut-ins." - Darlene, Alexander, NY

"I love 'em. They're beautiful. I really enjoy the music and the scenery." - Angela, Lavergne, TN

"We wanted to thank you for the wonderful spiritual videos. The residents have enjoyed watching them. They are fantastic! The residents really enjoy them, especially the spiritual words." - Christene, Alzheimer's Special Care Center, Tumwater, WA

"I received the DVD "Christmas Reflections" and it is awesome! I am going to give them all to my Pastor." - Ray, Arizona

"At night I wouldn't have the peace of mind that I needed, and then I found GloryScapes." - Arkansas viewer

"This is the most beautiful program I have ever seen! Thank you." - Louisianna viewer

"I love them! I watched all of them last weekend."  - Brian, Nashville, TN

"GloryScapes™ beautiful scenery and music and I especially like the Scriptures. We want to use them as gifts because we feel people will come to know the Lord as a result!" - Peggy, Manitowoc, WI

"Thanks so much... They're wonderful!" - Janet, Centralia, WA

"My husband and I love them!" - Glenda, Naylor, GA

"The production of GloryScapes is Spirit led...they are annointed." - Retired Pastor, Centralia, WA

"Russ & Janelle, Thank you for sending us the list of GloryScapes . . . another work the Lord is using. A great time for the shutiins to sit back and enjoy and to meditate on the wonders of God and His works." - A Fellow Laborer, Loius, Dunbar, PA

"Loved it - I always love to watch water . . . God has used it to show me Himself. Thanks." - Jane, Savannah, GA [comment about Jesus Loves Even Me]

"I love your programming! Keep it up!" - Betty, Versailles, KY

"Thank you for the inspiration. I passed it on to a few friends in Christ. God bless" - Liz [comment about Wonderful Peace]

"I like this, very soothing."
- Don, Centralia, WA
[comment about Wonderful Peace]

"Today's scripture is such a blessing in my life. I sincerely prayed yesterday quoting this verse and actually the peace of God is real in my life. God bless you so much." - Nancy [comment about Wonderful Peace]

"I liked it. Soothing music! Great pictures of the animals . . . " - Don [comment about Abide With Me]

"I have quite a few of the GloryScapes . . . very good." - Glenda

"This is oh so pretty. I think of the beautiful ministry that God has you doing - oh the joy of coming across this on line when there is so much smut . . . Praise Jesus for His peace so sublime!!" - Joan [comment about Wonderful Peace]

"This is the best video yet! Thank you for that moment of retreat in a busy day." - Gwen [comment about Wonderful Peace]

"AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much, ENJOY THEM ALL SO MUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - C Berry [comment about Praise Him! Praise Him!]

- Bob W. [comment about Praise Him! Praise Him!]

"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a thrill it is to me to hear the story of why that song was written . . . I enjoy these small clips so much. God be ever so dear and close to you today!" - Joan [comment about Draw Me Nearer]

"To God be the glory. I needed to here this at this time of my life." - Pastor [comment about Draw Me Nearer]

"Hi, this video was so beautiful as always all of them are uplifting to the heart. God bless both of you. Agape" - Liz [Comment about Ho! Everyone Who Is Thirsty]

"I absolutely love this one ...both the music AND the beautiful scenery. Thank you for touching my hear tthis morning!" - Kathy [Comment about Piano Concerto in A Minor]

"Liked it... Be blessed." - Jeff [Comment about Ho! Everyone Who Is Thirsty]

"Thank you so much . . . am blessed listening to your music. God bless you always!" - Dianne [Comment about Ho! Everyone Who Is Thirsty]

"Thank you for your ministry. It is an inspiration. Blessings." - Esmeralda [Comment about To You Before the Close of Day]

"Beautiful Poem . . ." - Sunday [Comment about Does Jesus Care?]

"Thanks, This was great – needed it today!" - Gaynell [Comment about Reverie]

"This is beautiful. Two gorgeous melodies, and lyrics that play in my mind as I listen. And then add the musical artistry of Jerry Nelson. Wow!" - Michael [Comment about It Is Well With My Soul]


"Thank you for sharing another beautiful hymn and Gloryscapes. Always enjoy the meaning of these hymns and I am grateful to our Father who gave them to us to be transformed into His likeness. Blessed be His Holy Name. Take care and stay safe... may God continue to shower you with His Blessings." - Nancy

"We purchased 'Classics & Sacreds' several years ago. It is absolutely beautiful. Jerry Nelson is a masterpiece in his own right. I also like Linda Hightower’s accompanies as well. My husband and I have been 'fans' ever since we discovered you some years ago. He is in Heaven now and enjoying the heavenly chorus. Keep up the good work. God bless all of you at the Good Book Company." - Anne, High Point, NC

"Vunderbarr" - H. Franz [comment about Revive Us Again]

"I enjoyed this, thanks for sharing." - Vicki A. [comment about When the Roll is Called Up Yonder]

"This was glorious! The ocean scene was perfect for worship. Thank you." - Julie [comment about O Worship the King]

"Thank you, thank you!!! My wife went to be with Jesus one year and nine months ago this January 13th. I tear up with the beauty, the inspirational music and for how you put this all together in such a beautiful package. I signed with the Baltimore Orioles as a pitcher years ago and wrote three books. "The Winning Pitch" is the first. You can go to my web site and see all three along with TV interviews. Just giving you a picture of who I am and why I so appreciate how well done your presentations are . . . They are truly fantastic." - Jon Burnham

"It is godly music like this that makes my evening. It's such a blessing to be reminded of the 'old" hymns. These they which helps me to re-focus and reflect on Him who is the God of all hope. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry." - Joan

"In the midst of turmoil created by others, this peaceful DVD filled my soul with peace. Thank you." - Anne [comment about Draw Me Nearer]

"Lovely. Well done." - bluerose4110

"Thank you so much. Very lovely. Uplifting. Lovely email and thanks for the kind words. I have sent it on to a few of my friends . . . God bless." - Angela   [comment about Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go]

"At God's Extended Hand in San Diego, CA, nearly every day we watch your very beautiful and inspirational DVDs (one a day, intentionally repeating until it's time for chapel). I'm always touched by the music and Scriptures and NEVER get tired of watching them over and over! God bless your wonderful ministry! And Merry Christmas!" - Michael

"Absolutely beautiful - everything! The tree is wonderfully decorated with the many ornaments from other countries. The music is first class, majestically announcing "Joy To The World"! Halleluyah! Thank you for this most inspiring video of song and praise to our Glorious God!" - Linda [comment about Joy to the World]

"Loved it! Thanks." - Beth [comment about Go Tell It on the Mountain]

"We continue to be blessed by our complete set of [GloryScapes™] worship videos. Each Sunday morning we sit down and before our day begins we soak in the message of one of these fine videos that nourishes our soul for yet another Lord's day. You have blessed us beyond measure, and others have ordered because we enjoy sharing them. Thankful for you." - Les, Nashville, TN

"Absolutely gorgeous! Truly soothing for the soul! Thank you so much." - Colleen, Ukraine [comment about Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go]

"Although, I am financially unable to support your ministry, I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your ministry. I enjoy the hymns of old. They bring such blessings to me . . . Thanking God for every remembrance of you all. I do, however, support you all with my prayers . . . Here's to a Happy and merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Continue to be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. For your labor is not in vain in the Lord." - Joan

"Beautiful piece my friends. Love it!" - Mike, Edmonds, WA [comment about Wonderful Peace]

"Thank you so very much for this video, I love it. Jesus is my best friend. Thank you!" - Edwin B. [comment about This is My Father's World]

"I just love this one. It is so heart-stirring. Thank you so much." - Sharon R. [comment about Were You There?]

"I have been looking for sometime for DVD videos such as
these to use in my ministry, i have enjoyed listening and watching these, they are very inspirational and I will be placing my order in a few weeks."
- Carmen, Middletown, NY

"What blessing! Thank you for sharing the peace of Christ with a busy pastor." - Jim [comment about Wonderful Peace]

"SOOO beautiful! I love the seashore, and the sound of the gulls made me feel like I was right there! Thank you!" - Linda [comment about Jesus Loves Even Me]

"Absolutely beautiful! Love the scenery but most of all the message!!!! Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so. Blessings in Christ." - Danna ( [comment about Jesus Loves Even Me]

"These GloryScapes are fantastic.  We are totally enjoying the one you gave us.  I will do some further research . . . about giving some for Christmas. Thanks so much." - Karen

"Thank you! Beautiful, beautiful! So inspiring." - Danna [comment about My Savior First of All]

"Beautifully done! Peaceful and comforting - this song was sung at my dad's memorial. Thank you for sending this to me. In His Care" - Kathy [comment about My Savior First of All]

"Beautiful…the scenery, music and Scripture! Thank you and Shalom!" - Linda [comment about O God Our Help in Ages Past]

"What a beautiful piano rendition of this great 'old' song. You certainly don't hear it in today's 'modern/contemporary' churches, sigh. When I first committed my life to Christ over 35 years ago in my twenties, I loved it right away—what a glorious song! Shalom" - Linda [comment about Praise Him! Praise Him!]

"This is [Softly and Tenderly] beautiful and so well done. Thanks for sharing." - Mike, Edmonds, WA

"I just watched your Moonlight Sonata/Were You There? video. I loved it and was quite surprised by the thunder.
A great touch!!! I loved the ending and I loved the music ( I am a young retired music teacher.) :) The flute part was lovely too! The music and great photography are a great marriage and then you added the Best Story in the World! :)
Keep up the good work."
- Ann

"Thank you for sending these, now that I have a new tower I can see & hear them . . . they are really nice." - Judi

"Beautiful photography . . . Thanks for the inspiring messages." - Shirley A.

"Made me feel close to God." - Frieda, Elon, NC

"I live here in Nashville where we have the best of the best contemporary Christian music, but I love GloryScapes™ not only because of the beautifully performed classic hymns, but because of the strength of their message, which is strong and vibrant. I absolutely love your GloryScapes™ video programs." - Leslie, Nashville, TN

"Some of the finest inspirational products I've ever seen." - Father David, Amity, OR

"You do good work. God bless!" - Mike, Perris, CA

"Your GloryScapes programs are wonderful and uplifting and the Word of God just makes it extra special." - Theressa, Vandalia, MO

"I saw GloryScapes at a friends house and what a blessing. The quality of music and video was superior to anything I've ever seen." - Doug, Emmett, ID

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and I mean that from the bottom of my heart." - Shirley, Valparaiso, IN

"GloryScapes are just wonderful!" - Lois, Pine Mountain, NC

"I love your work, it has been such a comfort for me as I have had many loved ones go to be with our Lord... your wonderful scenes that God provided for all of us inspired me to want to go on... I thank everyone who had a hand in producing these wonderful works of God given beauties they truly saved my life." - Judy, Dunn, NC

"When I watch them, I feel so uplifted. They help to set your heart where it needs to be." - Georgia viewer

"You have captured the very essence of God's great creation...
in all it's moods and splendor..."
- Bill, Tumwater, WA

"Thank you for the GloryScapes DVDs -- I have been really enjoying them." - Avie, Jenks, OK

"GloryScapes™ are awesome...the scenery is breathtaking... the music is so relaxing... and the words of course, are so inspiring." - Shirley, Springfield, MO

"I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying your music videos. What a blessing they truly are. I even use them as background music when I’m at my computer working. The music is very relaxing and soothing to the soul. Thanks for being a tool in God’s hands may he continue to use you." - Don, Olympia, WA

"Thanks so very much for the Christian DVD's. I received them yesterday and have viewed two; excellent... I have two neighbors that want to view them... Thanks again." - Ray, Yuma, AZ

"Thanks so much for your DVDs... They are awesome!!" - Bob & Yvonne, HI

"Thank you for adding me to your list of Inspirational Notes from The GOOD BOOK! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!" - Linda

"I love GloryScapes. I have recently had a stroke and during this time of healing and learning things anew, GloryScapes has been a real time of encouragement and Comfort. Thank you." - Kimberly, Grangeville, ID

"My tears explain the affect this had on me! Thank you and God bless." - Lainey [comment about Just As I Am]

"Thanks. This is good. Praise the Lord!" - Sanjeeb [Comment about Piano Concerto No. 2 & Hiding in Thee]

"Thank you. Love your Weekly Inspirational Note. I love the old hymns." - Viewer

"Thank you for all the beautiful and inspirational DVDs." - Randy

"Beautiful!" - Mary Alice

"We read about this song (To You Before the Close of Day) in Jan Karon’s book and wanted to know what it was like. Thanks for giving us a beautiful rendition with the words! It was the best one we found." - Grace & Bud

"I love the Weekly Inspirational Note, the music is so calming. I lost my husband of 59 years in January 2015. I know he has been gone for over a year, but it is still hard. He was 80 and we would have had out 60th anniversity last September. I will be 80 next month, so these old songs mean to much to me. Thank you for sharing." - Glenda

"This was very beautiful, relazing and refreshing." - Norma [comment about Reverie] 

"I love all of your video’s. Wish you were still on TV." - Judy "Keep up the good work. [GloryScapes are] Encouraging in our times of just one piece of bad news after the other. Thank you." - Joan "[GloryScapes} are the most beautiful in sound and scenery I have ever seen, and I do enjoy them immensely, and thank you for sending them . . . Thank you again!" - Millie

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