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GloryScapes™ Return Policy

We want you to know we will gladly replace any product free of charge that arrives damaged or defective. In order to get a replacement, you must let us know there is a problem within 30 days of placing your order. Call us at 1-888-808-0070 or (360) 330-0193 to let us know. In order for us to verify a DVD Video is defective, we may ask you to return it to us.

Just for the record: It is really, really rare (only a handful of situations) where a GloryScapes DVD Video hasn't played on someone's DVD player. To my knowledge we've never had a product damaged in shipping, but it could happen.

DVD Not Playing? If a GloryScapes DVD Video doesn't play properly in your DVD player, try playing it in another DVD player (either yours or a friend's) and/or your computer if it has a DVD drive to double check to see if the DVD is bad. If it doesn't play in a DVD player, it is more than likely just a compatibility issue and you can more than likely remedy this with a trip to the electronics store to purchase a newer DVD player for $50-$70.


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