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Give GloryScapes™ Away Program

We'd like you to give GloryScapes™ DVD Videos away!*

Ministries can give them as a "thank you" to their loyal ministry partners or major donors. The Christmas programs are perfect for December gifts so they'll remember you during the year-end giving season.

Companies can give them as "thank yous" to their valued clients or as a value added bonus if they buy something from your company.

Churches can give them as special "we care about you" gift or "thanks for visiting our church" or "Merry Christmas from our church family to yours..."

Individuals can give them to their family and friends to say how much you love and appreciate them.


We've arranged some special prices to help you do just that:

1,000 DVD Videos of the same program are $2 each w/FREE S&H ($2,000)


500 DVD Videos (you can mix & match) are $3 each ($1,500) + $120 ground shipping


100 DVD Videos (you can mix & match) are $5 each ($500) + $40 ground shipping


Why would we do this when the wholesale price is $7.50 each?
We see it as a win-win-win situation.

• You win by saving big on product

• The recipient wins because they've received
some inspiration and appreciation from you, and

• We win because you help us promote GloryScapes™

If you purchase 1,000 DVD Videos of one program, we are able to customize the cover a little to say something like, "A special thanks from your friends at ______________________ (your ministry or company)."

Also, the reason you get FREE S&H on 1,000 is because we can have the replicator send them directly to your door, so we don't have to reship them. 1,000 DVD Videos are shipped in about 5 boxes weighing about 38 lbs. each with about 200 DVD Videos per box. So our ability to get FREE shipping to your location saves you at least $200.

If you have any questions about our Give Away Program, please give us a call 1-888-808-0070.

Notice: This Give Away Program may be discontinued at any time.

*If you wish to sell GloryScapes™, please CLICK HERE.


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